EcoGate tech powers ground equipment for commercial air travel sharing.

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Ground handlers in the aviation industry are turning to EcoGate technology to help meet the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. This technology allows commercial air travel ground equipment to share power needs, enabling eGSE adoption despite infrastructure constraints. EcoGate provides the power required to ensure GPU and other units have the necessary power to support turnarounds without overloading the total power supply. This innovation helps airports and airlines facilitate the use of more eGSE near the gate, supporting the industry’s move towards greener ground services.

Key Points:

  • Aviation industry aims for net zero emissions by 2050
  • EcoGate technology allows ground equipment to share power needs

Ground handlers have a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions in the aviation industry, and EcoGate technology is enabling the adoption of electric ground support equipment (eGSE) despite infrastructure constraints. Alberto Rocha, director of sales at ITW GSE, highlights the challenge faced by airports, airlines, and ground handlers in not having enough electrical infrastructure to operate required eGSE. EcoGate helps overcome this challenge by providing the necessary power for turnarounds without overloading the total power supply.

The system not only supports eGSE near the gate but also enables other projects to have power when needed. This innovation is a step towards achieving the industry’s goal of greener ground services and reducing carbon emissions in commercial air travel.

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