Frisco cops enhancing tech for autonomous big rigs.

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– Frisco police are helping improve technology for self-driving 18-wheelers in North Texas highways.
– Autonomous trucks have been carrying freight in Texas since 2021 with a professional driver on board.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Frisco police are collaborating with self-driving big rigs to enhance their technology for safer and more efficient freight transportation on North Texas highways. Autonomous trucks have been operating in Texas since 2021, with a professional driver present on board. This collaboration aims to prepare the unmanned systems for full-speed deployment and ensure their safety and effectiveness on the roads.

Jake Martin from Aurora Innovation highlighted the significance of Texas as a logistics hub and a pivotal location for the autonomous trucking industry. The self-driving technology is being developed to deliver packages for companies like FedEx, Uber Freight, Werner, and Schneider. Operational tests are being conducted on public roads with the assistance of Frisco Police Department to simulate real-world scenarios and optimize the performance of the autonomous trucks.

Autonomous trucks equipped with advanced sensors and rapid response capabilities are set to revolutionize the logistics sector and enhance highway safety significantly. The collaboration between Frisco police and self-driving technology underscores Texas’ leadership in innovative transportation solutions, heralding a new era of efficiency and safety in freight transportation.

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