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Children today are given technology at a young age, shaping their development. Ciro Candia’s initiative, ProParent, aims to guide parents in creating a strong family culture to counteract the negative effects of technology. By creating family hubs and focusing on virtues, parents can reclaim their role as primary shapers of their children. Just as Fr Karol Wojtyla built communities to transform society, ProParent offers friendship and support to strengthen families.

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In today’s society, children are exposed to technology at a young age, shaping their development from infancy to teenage years. Ciro Candia, the Catholic founder of ProParent, advocates for creating a strong family culture to guide children towards greatness and away from the negative impacts of technology. Parents are concerned about addiction, bullying, distorted self-image, and suicide related to technology use among children. Jonathan Haidt points out the collective action problem, where parents wait for external factors to limit technology use instead of taking action themselves.

Candia suggests creating family hubs with small groups of parents to offer fellowship, advice, and formation. By building strong family units, parents can instill virtues and moral foundations in their children. This approach mirrors Fr Karol Wojtyla’s strategy of building communities to transform society. Through friendship and support, parents can guide their children to freely choose what is good and take responsibility for others.

ProParent’s focus on family hubs and virtuous parenting aims to counteract the negative effects of technology and reclaim parental authority in shaping children’s character. By emphasizing the importance of families in developing love, Candia challenges societal norms that prioritize instant gratification over human connection. Through these initiatives, parents can strengthen familial bonds and instill values that lead children towards greatness.

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