Broadcom leads in AI Optical Components technology and volume.

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  • Broadcom announces new optical interconnect solutions for AI and ML applications
  • New technologies facilitate high-speed interconnects for generative AI clusters

Broadcom Inc. has extended its technology and volume leadership in AI optical components by introducing new industry-leading VCSEL, EML, and CW laser technologies. These advancements enable terabit connectivity and drive large-scale AI infrastructure. The key highlights of the announcement include the production release of 200-Gbps per lane (200G/lane) EML, demonstration of the industry’s first 200G/lane VCSEL, and shipment of more than 20 million channels of 100G/lane high-speed optical components.

VCSEL and EML technologies are crucial for high-speed interconnects in AI and ML systems. Broadcom’s new 200G VCSEL and EML products build upon the success of their 100G/lane chips and will provide unparalleled bandwidth and interconnect density for next-generation systems. These technologies will support the transition to 1.6T optical transceivers and usher in the era of terabit connectivity.

Key industry leaders like Google, Nvidia, and NVIDIA have expressed excitement about the new optical interconnect solutions from Broadcom, highlighting the importance of cutting-edge optical technologies in advancing AI clusters and supporting the growth of generative AI architectures.

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