KULR Technology Group secures major deal with Nanoracks.

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  • KULR Technology Group has secured a key contract with Nanoracks, a major player in commercial space services.
  • This partnership signifies KULR’s involvement in satellite deployment, space station research, and habitat development.

KULR Technology Group has announced a significant achievement in the form of a key contract with Nanoracks, a prominent player in commercial space services and a part of Voyager Space’s Exploration Segment. This partnership highlights KULR’s role in satellite deployment, space station research, and habitat development within the space industry. KULR is actively utilizing its website and social media channels to keep stakeholders informed about important business and financial updates that could be deemed as material information.

This latest development underscores KULR’s growing presence in the space sector and positions the company for further advancements in the field of aerospace technology. Nanoracks’ partnership with KULR is expected to open up new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the realm of commercial space services, expanding KULR’s reach and influence in the industry.

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