Discover top tech trends shaping corporate travel experiences.

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  • Artificial intelligence personal assistants (AI PAs) are a key trend in corporate travel, with companies like Amadeus, Accenture, and Microsoft leading the way.
  • Generative AI is being used to streamline processes, personalize experiences, and improve expense management in corporate travel.

Spotlight on 3 technology trends in corporate travel

A recent report on corporate travel trends highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence personal assistants (AI PAs) as a key trend to watch. Companies like Amadeus, Accenture, and Microsoft are working on AI use cases to revolutionize self-booked trips. The use of AI PAs in tools like Microsoft Teams will offer business travelers a more seamless and personalized booking experience.

Generative AI is also playing a significant role in corporate travel, with companies like CWT leveraging this technology to augment their services. AI is being used to improve traveler messaging services, automate behavior analysis of spending, and enhance expense processes and policies.

Additionally, the shift towards digitization in expense management is driving personalization trends in corporate travel. Travel management companies are prioritizing personalization in 2024, allowing travelers to filter their own preferences and search criteria. This trend reflects a growing need for more tailored and efficient travel experiences.

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