Stay savvy, seniors Embrace tech, beware scammers, win the game.

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  • Digital coach Grace Buscher helps seniors in Milton use new technology safely.
  • Buscher warns seniors about online scams becoming more confusing and scary.

Quincy’s Grace Buscher is making a significant impact on the senior community in Milton by helping them navigate new technology safely. With online scams becoming more sophisticated and threatening, Buscher emphasizes the importance of skepticism when something sounds too good to be true.

As a digital coach, Buscher educates seniors on how to protect themselves from online scams and fraud. She emphasizes the need for seniors to be cautious and think twice before sharing personal information or clicking on suspicious links. By teaching practical tips and strategies, Buscher empowers seniors to use new technology with confidence.

Buscher’s work is timely and crucial, as technology continues to advance rapidly, leaving many seniors feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. By providing personalized guidance and support, Buscher ensures that seniors in Milton have the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital landscape safely.

In conclusion, Grace Buscher’s dedication to helping seniors use new technology safely is commendable. Her efforts not only protect seniors from online scams but also empower them to stay connected and engaged in our increasingly digital world.

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