Group urges federal government to protect cars’ Cellular V2X technology.

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  • A trade group is urging the Federal Communications Commission to protect cellular vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology from interference by unlicensed signals.
  • Cellular V2X technology allows cars to communicate with their environments, enhancing safety and efficiency on the roads.

In a recent letter to the FCC, the group highlighted the importance of ensuring that regulations do not hinder the development and implementation of this innovative technology. The group emphasized the need for clear guidelines to prevent interference from unlicensed signals and to support the growth of cellular V2X technology in the automotive industry.

The Federal Communications Commission rules need to make sure unlicensed signals don’t interfere with the nascent cellular vehicle-to-everything technology, which allows cars to communicate with their environments, a trade group emphasized in a recent letter to the FCC.

The letter, signed by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, stressed the importance of protecting the spectrum that supports Cellular-V2X technology to ensure that connected vehicle applications can function safely and efficiently.

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