Plastometrex’s PIP tech enhances Renishaw’s AM testing flow.

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Plastometrex’s PIP technology has been integrated into Renishaw’s testing workflow to enhance mechanical testing capabilities in the additive manufacturing sector. This partnership aims to improve efficiency and precision in analyzing mechanical properties of AM parts.

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Plastometrex, a UK-based mechanical testing solutions provider, has collaborated with Renishaw, a global engineering company, to optimize mechanical testing in additive manufacturing. By incorporating Plastometrex’s PIP (Profilometry-based Indentation Plastometry) technology into Renishaw’s testing processes, the partnership aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of analyzing mechanical properties of AM parts.

Traditional tensile testing methods in AM present challenges in terms of time and material requirements for producing tensile coupons, often leading to delays and increased expenses. By utilizing Plastometrex’s PIP technology, Renishaw can now conduct direct testing on various sections of AM parts, generating stress-strain curves within minutes. This approach not only provides a more detailed evaluation of mechanical properties but also streamlines the testing workflow, leading to significant time and cost savings.

Renishaw’s strategic partnerships, such as the collaboration with KOSO Kent Introl and Domin, have demonstrated the company’s commitment to innovation in the AM sector. Through the adoption of advanced AM technologies, Renishaw aims to meet industry demands for efficiency, sustainability, and product quality. By leveraging partnerships and cutting-edge technologies, Renishaw continues to drive advancements in additive manufacturing.

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