DISTRIBUTECH 2024: Ulteig’s PathFinder – Smart Tech Investment Trailblazers

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DISTRIBUTECH 2024: Ulteig’s PathFinder Leads the Way in Smart Technology Investments


Key Points:

  • 74% of energy and utility companies are adopting or exploring AI to improve data management and operational efficiency.
  • PathFinder, a SaaS solution by Ulteig, empowers utility companies to make technology investments driven by data-backed decision-making.

The utility industry is undergoing a transformation, with a focus on harnessing technology to enhance efficiency and offer value beyond traditional services. A recent study unveiled at DISTRIBUTECH 2024 highlighted the role of AI in addressing industry challenges, particularly in HR, talent acquisition, and AI governance. Ulteig’s PathFinder is a significant milestone in enabling utility companies to make strategic technology investments driven by data-backed decision-making, addressing complex challenges such as substation security.

Eliz Giardino, the Associate Director of Corporate Strategy at Ulteig, shared insights on how data and technology are being leveraged in the utilities industry to provide internal efficiencies, tackle issues like substation security, and enhance decision-making. The introduction of PathFinder and its focus on empowering clients to utilize data-backed decision-making for technology investments was emphasized as a key approach driving industry transformation.

Overall, Ulteig’s PathFinder stands out as a solution that enables utility companies to evolve, stay ahead of industry challenges, and improve operational efficiency through strategic technology investments backed by data-driven decision-making.


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