Milestones: Uniting media and tech for a better world with Ramachandran

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  • Srikanth Ramachandran, founder of Moving Walls, discusses how technology can be used for social good in the digital landscape.
  • Through the ‘Moving Hearts’ initiative, Ramachandran connects charitable causes with available OOH media slots to amplify their messages.

In an interview with MARKETECH APAC, Srikanth Ramachandran, the founder of Moving Walls, shared his vision of using technology to create meaningful connections and promote positive change in the world. He discussed the evolution of advertising as a platform for social responsibility and highlighted the ‘Moving Hearts’ initiative, which aims to unite charitable causes with available out-of-home media slots to raise awareness and support philanthropic campaigns.

Ramachandran’s Moving Walls works as an end-to-end enterprise solutions provider for out-of-home media owners worldwide. The ‘Moving Hearts’ initiative was launched with the belief in the transformative power of media beyond commercial messaging. By connecting charitable organizations with available OOH media slots, the initiative provides a platform for their campaigns to reach a wider audience.

Since its inception, the ‘Moving Hearts’ initiative has supported various social and humanitarian causes in Southeast Asia. Ramachandran emphasized the importance of creating awareness through digital campaigns, such as raising awareness about breast cancer, supporting youth networks, and fundraising for charitable organizations.

Despite facing challenges in engaging media partners and aligning causes with stakeholders, Ramachandran and his team successfully deployed campaigns that reached 3 billion impressions in five markets. Moving Walls’ programmatic technology and audience measurement tools enabled them to automate content placement and measure campaign impact.

Looking ahead, Ramachandran plans to expand Moving Walls’ initiatives to address environmental sustainability and promote ESG practices among OOH media owners. He believes in the power of technology to drive change and enhance social sustainability for a better world.

Throughout his journey with Moving Walls, Ramachandran has learned valuable lessons about leadership, entrepreneurship, and the importance of social responsibility. He continues to advocate for the integration of technology and media to support social causes and inspire positive action in the community.

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