Revamped Windows Photos app now erases objects with AI.

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  • Microsoft introduces AI-powered object eraser feature called Generative Erase in Windows Photos app.
  • Generative Erase allows users to remove distractions like background objects from photos with realistic results.

Microsoft has launched a new feature called Generative Erase in its Photos app, powered by AI technology. This new functionality replaces the existing Spot Fix option and enables users to remove unwanted objects from their images seamlessly. The Generative Erase feature allows users to fix and remove distractions like background objects and visual clutter from their photos, providing more realistic results compared to the previous Spot Fix feature. This update also includes other AI editing tools such as Blur Background, Remove, and Replace Background.

To use Generative Erase, users need to open the image they want to edit in the Photos app and press the ‘Edit Image’ button. Then, they can select the Erase option, adjust the brush size, brush over the objects they want to remove, and wait for the AI to generate the results. The feature is currently available to Windows 11 users in the Insider program, with plans to bring it to Windows 10 devices in the future.

In addition to Generative Erase, Microsoft also announced upcoming AI editing features for Windows 10, including Remove and Replace Background and Blur Background. These updates aim to enhance the photo editing capabilities of the Photos app and provide users with advanced tools for enhancing their images.

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