People Experience Revolution: Hotels Transformed by Tech, Analytics, AI, & Neuroscience

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VDA Telkonet’s Tech Report 2024 predicts that the future of hotels lies in technology that combines data analytics, AI, and neuroscience to enhance the overall people experience. The report highlights the potential for technology to improve operational efficiency and guest experience in hotels. For example, real-time data on the status of devices can help staff implement preventive maintenance measures, optimizing resource management and guest comfort. The study also emphasizes the importance of recognizing guest preferences to increase loyalty and improve the quality of the experience offered. However, only 30% of hotels currently rely on data-driven methods to recognize guest preferences. The report also explores the application of neuroscience in the hotel sector, with the potential to objectify guest emotions and measure the value of the experience. By using neuroscientific monitoring, hotels can obtain quantitative data that informs the value of the experience and allows managers to take appropriate action. VDA Telkonet has partnered with Italian start-up Strobilo to launch a pilot project in Italian hotels that integrates neuroscientific monitoring into the hotel’s room management system. This allows for real-time analysis of key performance indicators related to guest experience. The areas of intervention that emerge from the monitoring include operational efficiency, guest safety and well-being, and personalization of services. The Tech Report 2024 provides insights into the future of the hotel industry and the importance of combining technology, data analytics, AI, and neuroscience to enhance the people experience.

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