PAR Technology director unloads $189k in company stock.

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  • Douglas Gregory Rauch, a director of PAR Technology Corp, sold 4,500 shares of the company’s common stock for a total value of $189,180.
  • The sale occurred on March 14, 2024, sparking investor interest in insider transactions and the company’s financial outlook.

In a recent transaction, Douglas Gregory Rauch, a director of PAR Technology Corp, sold a total of 4,500 shares of the company’s common stock for a total value of $189,180 at a price of $42.04 per share. This transaction, which took place on March 14, 2024, has raised interest among investors as it signifies a significant change in the director’s holdings in the company. While Rauch still holds 14,365 shares of PAR Technology, indicating continued investment in the company, the sale has sparked scrutiny among market observers.

PAR Technology, known for its work in computing and accounting machines, operates in the technology sector and has seen active trading of its stock by insiders. The company, headquartered in New Hartford, NY, continues to attract investor attention regarding insider transactions. The recent sale by Douglas Gregory Rauch was publicly disclosed through a Form 4 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investors and analysts often monitor insider sales to gain insights into a company’s performance and the confidence level of its executives and directors. While it’s essential to consider various factors when evaluating insider transactions, the recent sale by Rauch at PAR Technology has drawn attention to the company’s financial health and market performance.

According to InvestingPro data, PAR Technology has a negative P/E ratio of -16.52, indicating profitability challenges, with analysts not expecting the company to be profitable this year. The company’s stock price has decreased by 13.72% over the past month, reflecting a period of volatility highlighted in the data. However, despite these challenges, PAR Technology has seen positive revenue growth of 16.87% over the last twelve months as of Q4 2023.

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