ProteoNic teams up with Ginkgo Bioworks in tech network collaboration.

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  • ProteoNic Biosciences partners with Ginkgo Bioworks to provide premium vector technology for biologics production.
  • ProteoNic joins the Ginkgo Technology Network, enhancing innovation in customer R&D programs.

ProteoNic Biosciences, a leading provider of vector technology for biologics production, has announced a partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks. This collaboration will give Ginkgo Bioworks’ customers access to ProteoNic’s advanced vector technology for protein production and viral vector technology for cell and gene therapy applications. The partnership also marks ProteoNic’s membership in the Ginkgo Technology Network, a platform for cutting-edge technology partners dedicated to driving innovation in customer R&D programs.

ProteoNic’s premium vector technology is designed to improve production of complex biologics at economically viable levels, reduce manufacturing costs, and resolve capacity constraints. This technology is expected to have a significant impact on viral vector manufacturing, addressing current bottlenecks in LV and AAV production. By joining the Ginkgo Technology Network, ProteoNic aims to enhance its capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions to customers in various biotech sectors.

Ginkgo Bioworks, known for its horizontal platform for cell programming, values ProteoNic’s expertise and technology, which adds value to the Ginkgo Technology Network. This partnership is expected to offer robust end-to-end solutions for successful R&D outcomes across diverse markets, including food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals.

Overall, the collaboration between ProteoNic Biosciences and Ginkgo Bioworks represents a significant step towards advancing innovation in biologics production and cell programming, ultimately benefiting customers in the biotech industry.

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