DXC Technology Co. stock falls short of competitors on Friday.

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  • DXC Technology Co. stock underperformed on Friday, dropping 0.78%.
  • Trading volume was lower than average, with the stock closing below its 52-week high.

In light of a positive trading session in the stock market, DXC Technology Co. saw its stock price decline by 0.78% on Friday. The company closed at $21.69, $7.40 below its 52-week high. While some competitors like Accenture PLC saw their stock rise, DXC Technology Co. underperformed. Trading volume also remained lower than the 50-day average, indicating potential investor caution.

The article, generated using data from Dow Jones and FactSet by Automated Insights, highlights the stock performance of DXC Technology Co. relative to its competitors in the market. It points out the specific numbers and metrics that contributed to the underperformance of the stock on Friday, providing valuable insights for investors.

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