Citian secures funding for revolutionary AI transportation technology solutions.

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  • Citian secures investment for AI-driven transportation technology solutions
  • Citian’s software platform combines engineering expertise and artificial intelligence to provide real-time data and insights for infrastructure owners

In the latest episode of The Future of Automotive on CBT News, Steve Greenfield discusses Citian’s innovative transportation technology solutions. Citian’s software-as-a-service tools use AI to analyze crash data, ADA compliance, and pedestrian accessibility to help transportation planners make data-driven decisions. The investment in Citian was influenced by the exceptional leadership team, market opportunities, and alignment with the Automotive Ventures Mobility Fund thesis.

One of the key problems Citian is solving is modernizing the U.S. transportation infrastructure industry, which is facing challenges due to technology advancements, retirements of engineers, compliance needs, and budget constraints. By digitizing analog processes and applying AI and big data solutions, Citian aims to improve safety, equity, and maintenance in transportation infrastructure.

The investment in Citian aligns with the fund’s focus on investing in the next wave of innovation in transportation technology. The company’s software platform has the potential to dominate the market, drive significant returns, and improve mobility within cities. Citian’s mission, vision, and values resonate with the fund’s strategic goals, making it a promising investment opportunity in the mobility industry.

Boxologic is also highlighted as a company to watch in the e-commerce fulfillment robotics field, offering custom boxes to reduce wasted space and logistics costs. To stay updated on exclusive content from CBT News, follow them on social media and subscribe to their newsletter.

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