Transform yourself digitally with Rili.ai’s innovative platform.

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  • Rili.ai is a new app that uses AI, voice cloning, and lip sync technology to create a digital version of users.
  • Users can train their digital avatars with content in over 100 languages and integrate them with social media accounts.

Rili.ai lets users create digital versions of themselves

Rili.ai, a new app available on both Android and iOS, allows users to create digital versions of themselves. By leveraging artificial intelligence, voice cloning, and lip-sync technologies, the app can create accurate digital representations of users for engaging in conversations in multiple languages.

The app features an ‘Explore’ feature that helps users find like-minded individuals and engage in conversations. Users can also integrate their digital avatars with social media accounts like YouTube and Twitch for a more customized experience.

Rili.ai is currently in the alpha version and requires users to join a waitlist before using the service. The app offers a unique way for users to interact with digitized versions of themselves and others.


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