Empowering disabled voters with technology for independent, accessible voting.

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Technology allows disabled voters to cast ballots independently


  • Express Vote machines assist disabled voters in casting ballots independently.
  • The machines have various features such as touchscreens, Braille labels, and sip-and-puff controls.

Technology has revolutionized the voting experience for disabled citizens, allowing them to cast their ballots independently. Special machines called Express Vote have been implemented at every precinct, offering a wide range of features to accommodate voters with disabilities. These machines have a large touchscreen with adjustable text sizes, Braille labels on the keypad for visually impaired individuals, and even sip-and-puff controls for those who may not have the use of their hands.

The Express Vote machines do not count or store votes but rather mark a ballot for printing and tabulation by poll workers. The League of Women Voters of Sarasota County will be hosting a workshop to demonstrate the technology, emphasizing the importance of ensuring accessibility for all voters. As the upcoming elections approach, the Supervisor of Elections in Sarasota County is prepared to accommodate various voting methods, including voting by mail, early in-person voting, and in-person voting on Election Day. The goal is to make the voting process as seamless as possible for all voters, regardless of their abilities.

With a surge in vote-by-mail during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an anticipation of increased in-person voting in the upcoming elections. By providing tools and assistance through technology, election officials are striving to uphold the integrity and independence of the voting process for everyone. As the election dates draw near, efforts are being made to ensure that all voters, including those with disabilities, can exercise their right to vote with ease and confidence.

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