Chicago top cop defends ShotSpotter, Mayor communication could improve.

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  • Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling defends ShotSpotter technology.
  • Snelling says communication with the mayor could have been better.

Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling defended ShotSpotter technology, stating that it will remain in use until September under a contract extension. Despite the decision to stop using it in September, Snelling emphasized the importance of using the technology to the best of their ability until then. The controversial technology was credited with alerting police to a shooting at 71st and State streets, enabling officers to arrest potential gunmen and save lives. While Snelling did not want to delve into the politics of the mayor’s decision to cancel the ShotSpotter contract, he acknowledged that communication regarding the decision could have been better on both ends. He maintained that the focus should be on communication and ensuring the safety of the city.

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