Dreams meet reality as technology catches up.

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  • The author reflects on how technology has finally caught up with their dreams of living ethically and environmentally responsibly.
  • They discuss their journey from dreaming of electric cars and a geodesic dome to actually living in an energy-efficient, solar-powered house in downtown Chico.

In the article “When technology finally catches up with your dreams | Tell Your Story” by Eddi Deromedi, the author recounts their experience of dreaming about living ethically and environmentally responsibly with their husband. They reflect on a back-packing trip in the Caribou Wilderness in 1980, where minor difficulties turned into humorous anecdotes in the early years of their marriage. Despite initial dreams of electric cars and a geodesic dome, they found themselves living in a very-square house for 35 years.

However, technology eventually caught up with their dreams as they built an energy-efficient, all-electric, solar-powered house in downtown Chico within walking distance of amenities and the bike path in Lower Park. Although they faced initial skepticism and warnings about noise and safety, they found that living in such a location was mostly peaceful.

The author acknowledges that living in a community like downtown Chico comes with its challenges, such as car break-ins and occasional disturbances. Despite these issues, they have found ways to live harmoniously and make positive changes, such as transitioning to electric cars and leaving the world a better place for future generations.

Ultimately, the author expresses gratitude that technology finally caught up with their dreams, allowing them to make a positive impact and live in alignment with their values. They recognize that while the journey may have taken longer than expected, they have finally reached their destination. Through their story, they inspire readers to embrace change, make ethical choices, and strive for a better future.

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