Derby PD defends officers with cutting-edge safety tech adoption.

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Derby PD Adopts New Technology


Derby PD is adopting new technology called TacticID to protect officers from harmful exposure to unknown substances during investigations. The device uses lasers to identify substances without opening packages, making testing safer and more efficient. The City Council approved funds for the device, along with a drug drop-off box and incinerator, to help keep drugs off the streets.

Article Summary:

Derby Police Department is implementing TacticID technology to safeguard officers from exposure to potentially hazardous substances encountered during investigations. Chief Brandon Russell highlighted the risks officers face when testing unknown substances and explained how TacticID eliminates the need to physically handle the substances, reducing the risk of exposure through inhalation or skin contact.

The new device not only enhances officer safety but also improves testing efficiency by accurately identifying various substances within a package. Russell emphasized the limitations of traditional drug test kits and how TacticID provides more comprehensive information, ensuring officers are better equipped to handle the situation.

The Derby City Council’s unanimous decision to allocate funds for the TacticID device reflects a collective effort to prioritize officer safety and combat drug-related issues in the community. Additionally, the department is setting up a drug drop-off box and incinerator to facilitate safe disposal of expired drugs, further supporting their mission to address substance abuse effectively.

By embracing advanced technology and proactive measures, Derby PD is actively working towards creating a safer environment for both officers and residents, demonstrating a commitment to public safety and community well-being.

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