Texas lawsuit targets Wyndham for digital key technology patent infringement.

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  • Wyndham Hotel Group LLC is being sued by Liberty Access Technologies Licensing LLC over digital key technology patents.
  • Four patents are involved in the lawsuit, alleging infringement by Wyndham’s technology.

Liberty Access Technologies Licensing LLC has filed a lawsuit against Wyndham Hotel Group LLC, claiming that Wyndham’s digital key technology, which allows guests to unlock and lock their hotel rooms through an app, infringes on four patents. The lawsuit, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, alleges that Wyndham’s technology is similar to methods described in US Patent Nos. 9,373,205; 10,657,747; 11,443,579; and 11,217,053. These patents focus on methods that enable a smartphone to control a lock through a server computer system.

This legal battle highlights the importance of intellectual property rights in the technology sector and the potential risks faced by companies that may unknowingly infringe on existing patents. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit unfolds and what implications it may have for the digital key technology market in the future.

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