Dickson TN College of Tech campus safe, admin assures no danger

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  • A false security alarm went off at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Dickson, but there is no threat on campus.
  • Police received a report of an active shooter, but it was determined to be a false report and all students and staff were safe.

The administration at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Dickson confirmed that there is no threat on campus after a false security alarm triggered an active shooter report. The City of Dickson Police Department received a 911 call reporting an active shooter on the main campus, but upon arrival, officers found no evidence of any threat. The building was cleared, and all students and staff were accounted for. The campus was released back to TCAT after the investigation. The details are still under investigation, and NewsChannel 5 will provide updates as more information becomes available.

The incident at TCAT in Dickson serves as a reminder of the importance of proper response protocols and communication in emergency situations on school campuses. It also highlights the need for thorough investigation and confirmation before spreading information about potential threats.

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