HerdDogg: Tech for Ranchers to Reclaim Their Time.

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– HerdDogg technology, developed by Andrew Uden, acts as a Fitbit for cattle
– The technology collects data every 6 minutes and can be used for various purposes such as estrus detection, calving detection, and illness detection

Detailed Summary:

Andrew Uden, the CEO of HerdDogg, is a multi-hat wearer with a background in agriculture and a passion for problem-solving. His exposure to different cattle production systems around the world led him to create technology that can help ranchers become more efficient and profitable.

The HerdDogg ear tag, a key product, gathers data constantly throughout the day, allowing for tasks like estrus and calving detection to be automated. This technology not only saves time but also reduces risk by providing accurate information for decision-making.

Moreover, the technology has shown promise in aiding cattle marketing efforts by providing valuable data for programs and early illness detection. This not only improves animal well-being but also helps producers stay compliant with marketing requirements.

Overall, Uden is excited about the role of technology in the beef industry, believing it can make ranching more appealing to the younger generation while also helping current producers overcome labor challenges and enhance efficiency.

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