ABC’s tech guide for AI in construction – essential reading.

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TLDR: ABC Releases Technology Guide for AI in Construction

  • Associated Builders and Contractors has released an AI technology guide for the construction industry
  • The guide includes definitions, use cases, and considerations for implementing AI in construction

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) has recently published a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) technology guide for the U.S. construction industry. Titled “AI in Construction — What Does It Mean for Our Contractors?”, the guide aims to provide contractors with essential knowledge about AI in construction. It outlines definitions, various construction use cases, and critical considerations for the successful implementation of AI technologies in the construction sector.

The guide delves into the potential uses of AI throughout the construction project lifecycle, covering preconstruction, construction, and building maintenance phases. It offers definitions of key terms like deep learning and predictive AI, as well as best practices for crafting AI policies within construction offices.

Patrick Scarpati, ABC’s Director of Construction Technology and Innovation, emphasized the importance of understanding AI basics before fully exploring its potential in the industry. He highlighted the opportunities that AI technology presents for improving project delivery, upskilling, workforce development, supply chain optimization, safety enhancement, and more in the construction sector.

Use Cases for AI in Construction:

The guide provides over 20 use cases and project management impacts of AI in construction, including:

  • Predictive Analytics: Optimizing construction schedules and resource allocation
  • Supply Chain: Empowering purchasing teams with AI for procurement
  • Computer Vision/Intelligent Site Monitoring: Enhancing safety on job sites
  • Energy Management: Analyzing energy usage patterns for cost reduction
  • Predictive Maintenance: Proactively addressing building equipment failures

ABC describes the guide as a starting point for industry professionals to grasp the potential impact of AI on construction. By familiarizing themselves with definitions, use cases, and considerations outlined in the guide, contractors can actively engage in discussions and decisions related to AI technologies in construction.

Overall, the AI technology guide released by ABC serves as a valuable resource for construction professionals looking to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence in enhancing project efficiency, safety, and overall performance in the industry.


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