Ryan Hrobak: We need passion, not computers, in the classroom.

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Key Points:

  • Ryan Hrobak believes that what classrooms need more than computers is engaged and passionate teachers.
  • He highlights the importance of human connection and personalized learning in education.

Article Summary:

Ryan Hrobak, in his article “What we need in the classroom more than computers”, emphasizes the significance of engaged and passionate teachers over the reliance on technology in education. He argues that human connection and personalized learning are crucial elements that should be prioritized in classrooms. Hrobak believes that the impact of a passionate teacher who fosters strong relationships with students far surpasses the benefits of incorporating computers into the learning environment. He suggests that investing in teacher training and support, as well as promoting student-centered teaching practices, are more effective ways to improve the quality of education. Hrobak’s perspective underscores the need for a shift in focus towards the human aspect of teaching and learning, rather than solely relying on technological tools.

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