MGX’s game-changing technology minimizes static and boosts resistance for prints.

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MGX, a leader in printable specialty substrates, has introduced a newly reformulated dry toner coating technology. This coating technology significantly reduces post-print static, improves toner adhesion and durability, and allows for easier finishing. The technology can be found on MGX’s Xquisite™ line of polypropylene-based film, which offers exceptional performance and is ideal for durable applications. MGX’s Rigid Vinyl PVC line also features the new coating technology and is a durable and affordable solution for flat applications. Both product lines are available in various gauges and sheet sizes.

MGX has unveiled a new reformulated dry toner coating technology that offers a number of benefits for commercial printers with production dry toner equipment. This exclusive coating technology enhances toner adhesion and durability, significantly reduces post-print static, and provides high-quality output. The reduced post-print static allows for easier management of finishing processes, saving time and reducing hassle for commercial printers.

The new DT coating technology can be found on MGX’s Xquisite™ line, which is a polypropylene-based film known for exceptional performance. Xquisite™ offers a smooth and rich feel, as well as outstanding tear, water, chemical, and abrasion resistance. This makes it a preferred choice for durable applications and an economical alternative to lamination. The film is perfectly balanced between rigidity and flexibility, making it suitable for both flat and folded applications such as menus, field manuals, and horticultural tags.

The Xquisite™ line comes in three grades: Xquisite™ MP (Multi-Platform), which is engineered for versatile performance across HP Indigo, Konica Minolta KM-1, and select production dry toner presses; Xquisite™ DT (Dry Toner), which provides superior performance on production dry toner presses; and Xquisite™ OP (Offset Printing), specifically designed for conventional and UV offset presses. The Xquisite™ line is available in a wide variety of gauges and sheet sizes to meet the needs of any printing project.

In addition to the Xquisite™ line, MGX’s Rigid Vinyl PVC line also features the new DT coating technology. PVC is available in two options: MP PVC (Multi-Platform) and DT PVC (Dry Toner). The Rigid Vinyl PVC is an incredibly durable and affordable solution for flat applications that require stiffness and rigidity. It offers excellent outdoor weatherability, is resistant to UV degradation, and is self-extinguishing when exposed to flame. The PVC is compatible with various finishing processes, including foil stamping, embossing, lamination, die cutting, and more.

To learn more about MGX’s reformulated DT coating technology and to view their Xquisite Synthetic Paper and Rigid Vinyl PVC lines, visit their website or contact their sales team.

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