O’Reilly predicts tech trends for 2024 in latest report.

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The O’Reilly report predicts several key technology trends for 2024. Some of the key points covered in the report include:

  • Generative AI, which dominated in 2023, may experience a slowdown in 2024.
  • Security remains a strong trend with a focus on network and governance.
  • Software developers continue to write code, with increased usage of AI systems like GitHub Copilot.
  • Interest in enterprise architecture, event-driven architecture, and functional programming is growing.
  • Microservices and design patterns saw declines in interest, indicating a shift in software development trends.
  • GPT models and other language models are expected to continue to rise in popularity in 2024.
  • Deep learning and programming libraries like PyTorch are fundamental to modern AI.
  • Interest in operations for machine learning (MLOps) has increased.
  • Cloud native development and Microsoft Power BI are also expected to grow in usage.

The report also highlights an increased focus on security throughout the software development process and the importance of upskilling for individuals in the industry.

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