Technology: Bridging the Gap.

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  • Aaron Spradlin, CIO at United Planners, emphasizes the importance of technology in promoting advisor independence and improving customer service.
  • United Planners’ mission is to deliver exceptional service while creating a collaborative and fiduciary-minded culture.

Aaron Spradlin, Chief Information Officer at United Planners Financial Services, believes that technology plays a crucial role in promoting advisor independence and enhancing customer service. He emphasizes the importance of having a tech philosophy that aligns with the organization’s goals and values. United Planners’ mission is to consistently deliver impeccable service while fostering a collaborative and fiduciary-minded culture among advisors, employees, business partners, and associates.

Spradlin recognizes that technology has the ability to bridge the gap between advisors and clients, enabling them to easily connect and communicate. He believes that having the right technology infrastructure in place allows advisors to be more efficient, productive, and responsive to their clients’ needs.

One key aspect of United Planners’ tech philosophy is providing advisors with the independence they need to carry out their roles effectively. Spradlin highlights the importance of empowering advisors with the freedom to choose the tools and technology that best suit their individual needs and preferences.

Additionally, Spradlin stresses the need for technology solutions that prioritize customer service. He believes that technology should enhance the customer experience and make it easier for clients to interact with their advisors. This includes providing intuitive and user-friendly platforms, streamlining processes, and implementing robust security measures to protect client data.

United Planners is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to their clients while fostering a collaborative and fiduciary-minded environment. They focus on creating a culture that embraces the principles of trust, accountability, and transparency.

In conclusion, technology plays a vital role in United Planners’ mission to deliver impeccable service and promote advisor independence. Their tech philosophy revolves around empowering advisors with the right tools and technology, while prioritizing customer service and fostering a collaborative culture. By leveraging technology effectively, United Planners aims to bridge the gap between advisors and clients, ultimately enhancing the overall wealth management experience.

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