Apple snags AI startup for Vision Pro privacy upgrade.

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TLDR: Apple is reportedly preparing to acquire Brighter AI, a German AI startup that specializes in anonymizing face and license plate data. The acquisition aims to enhance privacy features on Apple Vision Pro, a technology that captures video more discreetly than smartphones. Apple already uses image blurring technology in Apple Maps to protect privacy, but Brighter AI’s advanced AI technology offers an alternative method of anonymizing data without blurring.

Apple is said to be considering the acquisition of German AI startup Brighter AI in order to bolster privacy features on its Vision Pro technology. Vision Pro has the ability to shoot video more discreetly than smartphones, raising concerns about capturing identifiable information in public. By using Brighter AI’s advanced AI technology for anonymizing face and license plate data, Apple hopes to minimize this risk.

One of the reasons that Brighter AI’s technology is of particular interest to Apple is that it offers a method of anonymizing data without blur. Instead of blurring faces and license plates as Apple currently does in Apple Maps, Brighter AI’s technology changes images in a way that makes subjects unrecognizable but retains their natural look. This method could have applications beyond Vision Pro and Apple Maps and could be used in future devices that make photo and video capture even less noticeable.

Brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization 2.0 technology has the potential for wide application across various products, and Apple could extend its use beyond the current offerings. The company is known for its commitment to personal data protection and maintaining high image quality.

Apple has not commented on the potential acquisition, and it is unclear when the deal will be finalized. However, if it goes through, it could be a significant step for Apple in enhancing privacy features on its devices and expanding the use of AI technology in its products.

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