Samsung’s S24 Ultra: Conquering the AI Challenge

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A recent article on Forbes discusses the AI challenges that Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra may face in the near future. The article highlights the following key points:

  • There is the threat of a paywall hanging over various Galaxy AI services, which creates uncertainty for users.
  • The current Galaxy AI services are only available on a limited number of Samsung handsets, but the company plans to roll out the services to more devices in the future.
  • There are concerns about the resources required for local processing and cloud-based AI features, which may affect the performance and availability of the services.
  • The AI landscape is already complex, with a mix of AI features provided by Samsung, Google, and third-party services.
  • Samsung may face challenges in maintaining its position as a leader in the AI space due to a fractured landscape and the commoditization of AI services.

The article also discusses how Samsung has switched to using Baidu’s AI platform, called Ernie AI, in China due to the ban on Google Services. This adds another layer of complexity to Samsung’s AI implementation.

Overall, the article highlights the challenges and complexities that Samsung may face in delivering and maintaining AI services on its Galaxy devices.

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