2025 Fintech Pledge: 10 Million Consumer Actions Achieved, Goal Extended

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The 2025 Fintech Pledge, a coalition between Zopa Bank and ClearScore, has achieved its goal of driving 10 million UK consumer actions that build financial resilience. The pledge has incentivized cross-industry collaboration and connected consumers with financial technology platforms to improve their financial situation. Building on its success, the pledge has extended its goal from 10 to 25 million actions due to persisting above-target inflation. The pledge has also introduced a new pillar to help consumers make the most of unclaimed income-related benefits and social tariffs. The coalition has achieved over 10 million actions to date, has 50 members with a combined customer base of over 25 million, and has won the Best Partnership and Collaboration Initiative 2023 at the Pay 360 Award. The pledge aims to have approximately 50% of the UK adult population take a positive step towards improved financial resilience.

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