Tech, media, telecom – the ultimate trifecta.

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In the fast-paced world of telecoms, media, and technology, companies need to prioritize digital transformation to stay competitive. NTT DATA, a global leader in IT services, offers strategic partnerships and expertise to help telecom and media companies achieve customer-centric digital transformation.

With over 100 global telecom and media clients, NTT DATA understands the complex needs of enterprise customers. They can design new service offerings and smarter operations that adapt to these needs, reducing time to value and maximizing operator revenues.

One key area of focus for NTT DATA is B2B transformation and sales. They help companies optimize their sales and marketing strategies and transform their enterprise engagement strategies. By creating a differentiated B2B value proposition, telecom and media companies can drive customer loyalty and generate new revenue streams.

Another important aspect of digital transformation is evolving network infrastructure. NTT DATA can help companies transition to a fully virtualized and autonomously managed communications and cloud infrastructure backed by 5G. By preparing for the future, companies can stay ahead of the curve and provide enhanced connectivity and services to their customers.

Additionally, NTT DATA assists telecom and media companies in defining new operating models with automation and disruptive technologies. This helps reduce cost and improve efficiency, allowing companies to stay agile and competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Building seamless, unified, and multi-channel customer journeys and experiences is also a priority for NTT DATA. By developing channels and digital interactions, companies can create a sustainable advantage and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

NTT DATA has a strong track record of success in the telecom, media, and technology industries. They have partnered with companies such as TN Marketing, Vision Graphics, and Telefonica to solve various challenges and achieve digital transformation. Through strategic IT solutions and innovative approaches, NTT DATA has helped these companies improve HR service delivery, reduce costs, generate new revenue streams, and increase productivity.

In summary, NTT DATA is a valuable partner for telecom and media companies looking to accelerate their digital transformation. With a focus on customer-centric strategies, network infrastructure evolution, operational efficiency, and customer engagement, NTT DATA provides the expertise and services needed to drive successful digital transformations in these industries.

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